Smoke Dress

Dress : Zita Pop
Photography: Fotoshine - Viorel Malanca, Zsiga Norbert
Make up: Sas Gabriela
Model: Gaby' s models agency Silvia Lung

 Based on the theme of Air and global warming, which overlaps with the concept of dirty air, my w...ork can be successfully included in the type „appropiation”, present in nowdays’ art. „Appropiation” is a term associated with the art that takes certain elements out of their usual medium and places them in new contexts. I borrow the smoke from the big cities transformed in a textile that covers surfaces of material exploring the past versus future. The contemporary theme appearance intersects with the traditional techniques and, in the same time, surpasses traditional styles. The feminine silhouette is reconstituted as a modern sculpture with emphasis on the motifs of inspired from smoke forms. The work materializes in a dress object what mirroring the nature and the live situations in nowadays, the direction of people of self-destruction.See More

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