Dragon Fly Project

The Dragonfly collection is inspired by the world of symbols. Is possible to understand the body as the receiver of different external forces, sometimes supernatural, as a temple of the spirit. This orientation induces many religious beliefs to grant a specific meaning  to every body part. All the symbols that surround the concept of ascension or the light are joined by the intention, the need, of purification.
 The symbol of the dragonfly, as a zoomorphic element, is transformed and reshaped inside this esthetical journey through a kaleidoscopic filter that rebuilds the image. This particular vision is reflected even in the cut of the proposed clothes thanks to the geometrical lines.

The clothes are decorated with lines and embroidery, zippers and have slight futuristic features that complete the eclectic vision of the collection.

The Dragonfly collection was inspired by the universe of symbols. The Dragonfly as a symbol is transformed and reshaped, filtered kaleidoscopically.

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